Thursday, September 18, 2008

I LOVE fall!!!

Why do I live in California?  The leaves don't really change color.  It doesn't really get cooler until winter.  So to make it feel like autumn inside (since it is still in the 90's outside), I went to Michael's and bought tons of fall decorations.  I got fall leaves garland, small pumpkins, and have pulled out the decorations I already had.  

I was missing a wreath for my door.  For a couple of weeks I search to either find a wreath that was way too expensive or ones that looked really cheap and ugly.  So with the Michael's ad proclaiming great sales, I headed out on  a mission: to make my own.  All the materials I needed were super cheap so for around $7 I made a beautiful decoration for my front door.  The best part: it gets to be there from September to November!  Another reason to love fall:  it lasts so long!!!

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The Mills family was established on April 20th, 2002 when Bryan C. Mills married Allison Wilson. The family grew in 2005 with the birth of Christopher and then again in 2007 when Cameron first made his appearance. It just grew a little more in 2009 with Zachary's arrival and then again in 2011 when Ethan entered the world with a bang! We hope to continue to grow our family as God allows. We are truly blessed and praise God each day for the joy we bring each other!