Monday, December 29, 2008

Girlie Birthday Cards

One of my dear friends has twin girls that turned one at the end of December.  It was wonderful to get to make some very girlie cards.  There are lots of pinks and purples in my paper collection, since they don't get used in the boys' scrapbooks.  I used the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge to make the tags on the envelopes and to cut out the flowers.  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Crafting

This year I found a wonderful website to help you get organized for Christmas.  If you know me then you will know that I LOVE anything organizational, so I was excited about getting all organized for Christmas.  Anyway, part of getting organized is to make a planner.  I used a binder but I saw the idea for making a planner using a file folder.  My initial thought was, "That looks like it would take WAY too much time!"  

Fast forward about 2 months...  My SIL is getting married in February and I am thinking about her shower gift.  I wanted to give her a few recipes but in a cute way.  So again, I was drawn to the file folder pocket file.  I decided yesterday to try it out.  I was amazed to find it only took a couple of hours.  The first 30 minutes was just trying to get the measurements right for the folding.  Today I made another one and was able to do it in just an hour.  These are very versatile and fun.  I am already imagining the different ways I can create these for people as gifts.  

Here are the directions: 
1. Take a regular file folder and score it so that it will create 4 sections.  From the middle you measure 4 1/8" to the left and score it.  For the right you measure 4 1/4".  

2. Score the folder 3" from the bottom and fold up to create the "pockets".

3. You have now created the basic shape.  Next comes the fun part... adding color!

4. Using decorative paper, cut out the papers to fit the outside of the file.  (Note:  I discovered that the "tabs" can be cut on once and used on the front and back.  This saves you a step and extra cutting.  I just use the same paper for the front and back.)

5. Glue the paper to the outside leaving the "pocket" part unglued for now.  

6. Glue the papers to the front of the pockets.

7. Add coordinating papers to the inside of the files.

8. Fold and your book is almost done!  Here is the finished inside.

Here is the outside.

9. Finish with two eyelet holes on the front and back covers and lace with a ribbon.  I have not yet done this step since I don't have an eyelet punch or ribbon that coordinates with this paper.  Stay tuned for more!

I can't wait to make these as gifts.  This one is for a special friend.  She knows who she is and she knows why this one is for her!!! 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

They Are Finished!

I have finally finished a set of Jesse Tree ornaments.  I added the ribbon so they could be hung on the tree.  On the backs I wrote the day that corresponds to each ornament and the scripture passage that tells the story of Creation to Jesus's birth.  I can't wait to start the devotions each day with the boys and placing the ornaments on the tree!  I pray this is a tradition that will be kept for years to come and passed on to their children.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrapbook Palooza!

So today the moms group had a craft day.  My friend Heather was too sick (Naughty little June Bug) to come and we missed her, but Jen did come over for several hours this afternoon.  I had started working around 7:30am and I got several pages done today.  Jen worked on peppermint soap that made my kitchen smell so yummy!  It was a wonderful day that could only have been made possible by my amazing hubby who watched the boys all day.  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I LOVE fall!!!

Why do I live in California?  The leaves don't really change color.  It doesn't really get cooler until winter.  So to make it feel like autumn inside (since it is still in the 90's outside), I went to Michael's and bought tons of fall decorations.  I got fall leaves garland, small pumpkins, and have pulled out the decorations I already had.  

I was missing a wreath for my door.  For a couple of weeks I search to either find a wreath that was way too expensive or ones that looked really cheap and ugly.  So with the Michael's ad proclaiming great sales, I headed out on  a mission: to make my own.  All the materials I needed were super cheap so for around $7 I made a beautiful decoration for my front door.  The best part: it gets to be there from September to November!  Another reason to love fall:  it lasts so long!!!

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