Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girlie Creations

I finally have the chance to make some girlie items for a few friends with events coming up. The elation of getting to use various shades of purples and pinks and ribbon is almost more than I can bear! I have no daughters, no nieces, and haven't had any real reason here lately to make something for a little girl.

One of my friends is having a sweet baby girl very soon and her shower is this weekend. I cannot yet post pictures of what I made / am making for her little one since I don't want her to sneak a peek, so you will have to just wait until AFTER the weekend so see what I have been busy working on. Tomorrow I will have to pull out my Cricut and whip up a card to go along with the gift. My hot glue gun will also be heating up to finish the second part(s) of the gift that will make it complete.

Another friend has a daughter with a 2nd birthday that is fast approaching. I am also making her what I am making for the shower this weekend but I have some time to get that one finished (plus I need another Michael's coupon to make the project a bit more in my budget).

So check back soon... I have been busy crafting, just can't let you see what I have been busy making quite yet!

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